Invite Member

Businesses invite local, remote, and international employees to the company team, who then download the ScreenTrack application and sign into the application.

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Time Tracking

Employees use the ScreenTrack application to select the project they have been assigned, and click the Start Tracking button. Businesses can sign in online to view their employees’ tracked work time and screenshots (which are taken at random time intervals) until the Stop Tracking button is clicked.

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View Activity

For detailed information, businesses can log in and view employee’s timeline to see how much time was spent on different projects, the employee’s activity level, and applications that were running and the websites visited. ScreenTrack works even with poor internet connections! All data recorded using the ScreenTrack application will be loaded to the web after connection is restored and be available through the website.

Generate Reports

All projects have individual reports that can be generated – whether by employers, employees, freelancers, or contractors. The reports will provide statistics and the information necessary to create invoices. Simple, quick, and accurate time tracking for freelancers and contractors without having to manually create and itemize timesheets.

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A bird's eye view

ScreenTrack's powerful real-time platform synchronises your worldwide team.

Screenshots & Streaming

Time Tracking

Keyboard and Mouse Activity

Live TimeSheets

Detailed Reports

Running Apps

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